A Journey along the Inca Trail

A few people go to reach a travel destination. Others relish the trip itself. The inca jungle tour satisfies both inclinations. As a standout amongst the most acclaimed treks in South America its 26 miles mix charming Mountain View with lavish cloud-woodlands, subtropical wilderness landscape and a spectacular blend of Inca clearing stones demolishes and burrows. Although to some degree strenuous, Inca jungle machupicchu, the last goal of the trek endeavors.

Rio is Amazing!

  Rio de Janeiro is exceptional beautiful city; it is located between sandy beach and mountains. It is one of favourite tourist spots in Brazil and hundreds of thousands flock the second most populous city in Brazil every year. There are varieties of outdoor fun activities to engage in while in Rio. It is also full of world class hotels and restaurants for accommodation that will make your stay enjoyable. If you have never been to this city before, you definitely need a guide to Rio prior to your visit. We are going to look at best places to explore while in Rio.

Wild Brazil

  Brazil is an enormous landmass, and so naturally there are plenty of places to visit in the almost continent-sized country. There are so many spots of mesmerizing beauty and interest that you could pack your bags and move there today, and still not have enough time to explore the country to its fullest in your lifetime.

The best time of year to visit Patagonia

  The biggest irony about the above title is that every time of year is the best time to visit Patagonia! It just depends on your personal interest and what kind of an experience you want to have in Patagonia and the specific region –from southern Chile to Argentina- you are looking to tour. As the months go by, the weather and climatic condition vary dramatically from one region to the other in this paradise. To prick the common myth that summer is the only time best for visiting Patagonia, below is a description of what the other months have to offer in terms of attraction and depending on the region of interest.

How to Book Accommodation In Patagonia

  So you have made up your mind to visit Patagonia. Not yet? What seems to be the problem? Accommodation! You would like to find out what accommodation options you have in Patagonia depending on what time of year you plan to visit. This can be one tricky subject especially because in summer, they are overbooked while in winter they shut down and it becomes even more difficult to find a room. It is easier to get a hotel room in this part of the world in the months of March to May when the numbers dwindle but then this might not be the time when you are free to visit so here are the Patagonia accommodation options you have left. Whether you are looking to check in to high end hotels, backpacker havens or eco-friendly lodges, here are the tips to help you get the most suitable place and have a smooth stay and […]