ski canada

Hitting Canada to Snowboard/Ski?

ski canada


Canada is a popular destination for snowboarding enthusiasts. It’s many mountains, and year-round snow means that it is a spot for anyone that loves active winter sports. And if you are planning to travel to Canada to enjoy some of the winter sports locations, then you have got to make it a point to visit some of these places on this list. You are sure to have the best snowboarding experience of your life if you ever decide to check out one of these spots.

1. Whistler Blackcomb, BC
This is advertised as being one of the best places to ski or snowboard in the whole country. And it is no wonder since it is the largest ski and snowboard area around the country too. This mega winter resort is comprised of two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb. You can even ride a gondola that spans between the two peaks of the mountains. And riding on that Gonda is going to give you the best views of British Columbia.

2. Fernie, BC
This is another location within British Columbia that you have got to go to if you love snowboarding. Fernie has gained quite a name for itself amongst experienced and seasoned snowboarders. This is because it gets over 30 feet of snow every year. That means that you get a super powdery layer of snow all around the slopes of Fernie. Visitors to Fernie can ride around ten lifts to about 140 or so snowboarding runs. The many restaurants, shops, and lodgings around the village also will mean that Fernie is a wonderful place to visit for an extended stay. You really must check out this “powder paradise” if you want to experience the best of snowboarding in British Columbia.

3. Mount Tremblant, Quebec
This is a location that is only a few hundred kilometers from Montreal city. This will mean that it will take only around an hour to drive to this snowboarder’s paradise if you are starting from the city of Montreal. When you get there, you will find all sorts of family-friendly facilities related to winter sports. If you would like to know how to snowboard, then Mount Tremblant in Quebec is the best place to do it. There are even snowboarding classes that little kids can take too.

4. Blue Mountain Resort, ON
This resort is a popular destination around Canada. It is frequently ranked as being one of the best resorts for snowboarding in the country. It just lies north of Toronto and takes around 2 to 3 hours of driving to get there. The whole resort spans around 400 acres, and there are around 42 snowboarding trails that you can enjoy while you are at Blue Mountain Resort.

5. Lake Louise, AB
If you want to snowboard with some scenery in the background, then you have got to head on over to this resort. It is bordered by the Banff National Park, which is a world heritage site. The many snowboarding slopes that you get to enjoy will be surrounded by some of the best that Mother Nature has to offer in Canada.