Rio is Amazing!

rio is awesome


Rio de Janeiro is exceptional beautiful city; it is located between sandy beach and mountains. It is one of favourite tourist spots in Brazil and hundreds of thousands flock the second most populous city in Brazil every year. There are varieties of outdoor fun activities to engage in while in Rio. It is also full of world class hotels and restaurants for accommodation that will make your stay enjoyable. If you have never been to this city before, you definitely need a guide to Rio prior to your visit. We are going to look at best places to explore while in Rio.


Enjoy peaceful sun bathing at the sandy Copacabana beach in Rio. The beach stretches for more than four kilometres and houses traditional Brazilian restaurants and hotels. While on the beach, you will get the chance to engage in variety of outdoor beach sport activities and swimming. You will also get the chance to visit Copacabana Palace a significant landmark that was built in 1920s.

Tijuca National Park

Enjoy a unique natural environment within a city by visiting Tijuca National Pak, 32 sq kilometers of it! The park was created in an effort to conserve Tijuca Forest which was facing a risk of deforestation from rapid urbanisation. You can be able to see every corner of Rio while in the park since it is elevated. The park surrounds renowned Cristo Redentor statute. There are variety of native tree species and wildlife to view while in the park.

Sugar Loaf

This is a separated mountain that is shaped like a loaf; it is connected to the mainland by a narrow stretch. You can hire a cab to tour you through the unique land mark. While on top of Sugar Loaf, you can clearly see the extensive beach and the underlying busy Rio streets. There are three historical forts located on Sugar Loaf that are open for public visit.

Cristo Redentor

This is a 30 metres high statute also referred to as Christ the Redeemer. It was constructed between 1920 and 1930 by contributions from Brazilian Catholics. Its unique height and appearance makes it the most recognised land mark in Brazil. It is made from soapstone and concrete. Cristo Redentor was designed by French architect Paul Landowski and built by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa.

Carnaval celebrations

Rio de Janeiro is home to different annual Brazilian cultural celebrations. You can schedule your visit to Rio to fall during one of these celebrations. Popular Carnavals begin shortly after New Year celebrations and occasioned by visitors from different parts of world. There are lots of fun activities like samba parties, street dance and parties to enjoy at cultural Carnavals.