The best time of year to visit Patagonia


The biggest irony about the above title is that every time of year is the best time to visit Patagonia! It just depends on your personal interest and what kind of an experience you want to have in Patagonia and the specific region –from southern Chile to Argentina- you are looking to tour. As the months go by, the weather and climatic condition vary dramatically from one region to the other in this paradise. To prick the common myth that summer is the only time best for visiting Patagonia, below is a description of what the other months have to offer in terms of attraction and depending on the region of interest.

December to February (summer)

It is generally an accepted truth that the best time to visit Patagonia is in the warm summer months of December to February but that is not necessarily the gospel truth. This time of year is also known to be the period of the infamous Patagonia winds that can hit up to 120 miles an hour. In addition to the super strong winds, summer is also the peak tourist season and the parks and other attractions will be crowded with droves of tourists. The cost of accommodation and other amenities are also at an all-time high in this period.

March to May

This time of year is much cooler in Patagonia and just like the temperatures, the hotel rates begin to drop. There are fewer tourist and the winds are not that strong. If you love exploring the colorful foliage covered countryside, this is the best time to visit Patagonia especially on the Chilean side.

June to august (winter)

This is the best time for skiers who have been eagerly waiting to hit the slopes of the Andes. As the other popular attractions like the Torres Del Paine are closing with temperatures dropping to the 40s, business is booming in the Lake District. There are more of clear skies to enjoy and less winds to break during this period.

September and October

These months bring spring to Patagonia. With temperatures on the rise, so are moods on the rise in this part of the world. You get to evade high hotel rates and large tourist crowds but there is also a catch. You will have to rub shoulders with the monstrous winds that are doing push-ups in preparation for the coming summer period when they rule.

November and December

The vibrant nature of the Patagonia is revealed in this period. The most popular attractions begin to get busy. Don’t worry though, even if you don’t like sharing that much, this is a really big wonderland where there is room for everyone.
It is so vast you couldn’t possibly visit all the attractions in one visit. Anyway, the trick is to book as early as you can for you to be able to get ahead of everyone; if you do this will be the best time to visit Patagonia