What nobody tells you about Ibiza?



Ibiza Island is one of the magnificent islands in the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by the most calm and deep waters. Ibiza is famously known for its wild parties and crazy night life. But there are a few things that nobody tells you about this magnificent Island. The island obviously has its pros and cons and this is what makes it unique. There are some things that nobody will ever tell you about Ibiza and you need to go out there and get the experience firsthand. There are also something’s people don’t talk about most probably because some things are better left alone. But all in all Ibiza Island is a place to die for and the best place to spend your summer. Having a great time in summer is one of the goals that you have to achieve this year. Treat yourself to the luxury of spending summer in an Island with spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Also, watch as the whale and fish swim in peace at the bottom of the ocean with the amazing diving activities that are available in this Island. Here are a few things that people don’t mention about in Ibiza.

Ibiza is family oriented
Well this may be hard to believe since everybody talks about Ibiza being the party city and center of all the crazy and biggest parties in the world. This may shock you as Ibiza has among the best family oriented hotels and restaurants, along with amazing family villas that can be rented.  Away from all the crazy crowds and party people there are a few hotels and towns that offer the best family relaxation gate away. These hotels are super private and they have private beaches where you can enjoy your vacation time at piece. Not every corner of Ibiza is filled with the chaos and party life as everybody talks about.

Has a quiet and charming feel
Talking about quiet and charming doesn’t really sound like the Ibiza you have read about but in this case it is quite that. The Island is full of getaway hotels, beaches and restaurants that are super chilled out. So if you want to have that perfect time chilling out with friends and not be intimidated by the numerous strange faces you get to see surrounding you. Then going to these hideouts will be the perfect solutions for you. In these hotels they offer all kinds of water sports that will allow you to have fun and enjoy the outdoors without missing out on anything.

Drugs are available
Ever heard of mike Posner’s song I took a pill in Ibiza? Well if you wondered the relation of that song to Ibiza then here is your answer. Ibiza Island is known for its amazing and coolest clubs and party life. What most people don’t say is about all the types of drugs people do there. If you are a non-drugs campaign kind of person then Ibiza town will be full of surprises for you.

ibiza pills

Drugs in Ibiza are like candies in a candy store they are sold everywhere and to everybody with money to pay for them. The government has worked to try and stop the selling of narcotic drugs but the war against drugs has proved futile. This Island has all kinds of drugs ranging from molly, crack, heroine, ecstasy and all kinds of drugs ever known to man. The government of Spain has put very strict rules on anybody found selling and supplying narcotic drugs in the Island.

Has an amazing and incredible historical background
Most people when they visit the Island they forget all about the historical and cultural aspect of the Island. Ibiza has magnificent museums that showcase all the cultural diversities in the island. Most importantly there are small villages around the Island filled with the locals who have deep cultural background. Most of the food in Ibiza is prepared indigenously to preserve a little bit of the culture and ethnicity of Ibiza. Although most people do not venture or get interested in knowing about the Island culture, this small Island has a lot to offer.

Incidences of rape
Your mama ever told you that when you are at a new place always stick together as a group? Then this little piece of advice comes in handy at any crowded place. There have been a few cases of known rape incidences reported to the authorities. The stories are usually similar about a group of young people who were having fun and one was left behind and then the rest is history. The immediate action to take if one of your friends or you is ever raped is to inform the authorities and head straight to the hospitals. But to be safe always keep a close company with all your friends and family.

Kidnapping cases
This has become a common problem in almost all major tourist destinations where people get kidnapped for ransom. The government has been busy and on the ground trying to stop kidnapping incidences. But this should not scare you away from having the best time of your life in Ibiza. Always be safe and stick together as a group and avoid wondering off alone or with strangers. Be safe and report any suspicious incidence you might have noticed this will help keep the awareness going.

Great site seeing places and fantastic tracks
Ibiza Island has the best stroll and bike tracks that you have ever experience. With the perfect weather that is available in the Island taking a walk is the perfect form of relaxation. Ibiza has fantastic towns built in the early 1500s and they provide the perfect site seeing areas. The town has great tracks that wind up in the forests and amazing bike lanes. This place is perfect for hiking and picnics and this will sure bring you and your family and friends closer together.

Get out of your comfort zone and book a plane and spend your summer vacation enjoying yourself in the borabora beach and getting that amazing tan. Get out there and make the best decision to have fun and party all summer after all you only leave once.
Have fun!